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Operating address: Hai Feng Road No.105 ,Jimei district,Xiamen, Fujian,China.

Contact: Jacob Bear

Cell phone: 18030070138
Telephone: +86 5926228478
Fax:+86 592 6287937

The introduction of Abraham Co.:

Abraham Machinery Equipment Company is rooted in pursuing high quality presenting the testimony of Abraham’s faithfulness. It was set up in Xiamen which is part of China (Fujian) Pilot Free Trade Zone. Innovation is the root of national progress, entrepreneurship is the source of employment and enriching the people. Abraham Co. was born at the times when China experienced a new advance.

The enterprise culture of Abraham Co.:

Vision: the Abraham Machinery Equipment Company can make a global business and serve people around the world.

Mission: Glory, faith, love, honesty, gratitude, responsibility, dedication.

Core value: honor God, be dedicated, love our families and neighbors, service loyally, be willing to devote.

Ideas for using people: treats people sincerely, be broad-minded and evenhanded,support each other, employ talentwith moral-orientation, cultivate leader.

Service concept: love job, be caring, honest, focus on work with immense zeal,love our neighbors as ourselves.

Business belief: be honest, strive for excellence, provide high-quality products and premium service with fair pricemake a sustainable management.

Spirit of enterprise: forget what is behind and straining toward what is aheadpress on the road for excellence by the faith of Abraham.

As an integration of production and trade, Abraham Co. is a technical company which includes the import and export of intelligent machinery and equipment.Abraham Machinery Equipment Company manage to create a effective network platform for the trading and service ofintelligent packing machinery and equipment by combining the national and international technology of  intelligent automatic packing, productive cooperation factory and united marketing team.

Our products can be used in all kinds of industry such as healthy food, tea, coffee, medicine, health-care product, catering, daily chemical industry, eco-agricultural product, hardware, electronicsenvironmental protection , energysaving,  electricity, auto partsindustry and so on. We have high moral sense, value the quality of our product, provide customer-center service, try to go farther and farther by holding our faith.

Our main products are vertical and horizontal packaging machinery and equipment which are used for soft and hard packing and advanced in China and abroad. We manage to serve you with high -quality products and caring service. Our business belief is being honest and provide what is better than others, what is more innovative than others. We can also help you integrate resource with OEM and ODM custom packaging linkage production line, offer packaging products which is closed to the life and ultrasonic intelligent automatic mechanical equipment. In addition, we also trade accessories and supplies of  related  equipment with super-value services.

We devote to offering equipments which are easy-operating, safe and stable, manpower-saving, energy-efficient, low consumable, healthy and environmentally protective, intelligent, efficient, and convenient-maintenance, APP network supervision. These advantages can magnify the benefits of our customer. We try our best to give better service culture, sell our products all around the world, pass the care of life for the benefit of every nation. Holding Abraham’s hand, we are friends forever.


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