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Operating address: Hai Feng Road No.105 ,Jimei district,Xiamen, Fujian,China.

Contact: Jacob Bear

Cell phone: 18030070138
Telephone: +86 5926228478
Fax:+86 592 6287937

The enterprise culture of Abraham Co.:

Vision: the Abraham Machinery Equipment Company can make a global business and serve people around the world.

Mission: Glory, faith, love, honesty, gratitude, responsibility, dedication.

Core value: honor God, be dedicated, love our families and neighbors, service loyally, be willing to devote.

Ideas for using people: treats people sincerely, be broad-minded and evenhanded, support each other, employ talents with moral-orientation, cultivate leader.

Service concept: love job, be caring, honest, focus on work with immense zeal, love our neighbors as ourselves.

Business belief: be honest, strive for excellence, provide high-quality products and premium service with fair price, make a sustainable management.

Spirit of enterprise: forget what is behind and straining toward what is ahead, press on the road for excellence by the faith of Abraham.


地址:  中国(福建)厦门市集美区海凤路105号 2016 厦门亚伯拉罕机械设备有限公司       闽ICP备16033876号-1