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Service Centre
Operating address: Hai Feng Road No.105 ,Jimei district,Xiamen, Fujian,China.

Contact: Jacob Bear

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Telephone: +86 5926228478
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Service Centre

The service system of Abraham Co.:

1. Sell credibility before selling products: The nature of marketing is not to sell but to buy. Good credibility and products with high quality and fair price are the life of enterprise. Marketing is not just to sell products but also to earn credibility and customer’s trust through trade. It’s the most precious which money can’t buy.

2. Customer is always right: ten minus one is zero. Customer is our co-operator. We can earn and share more benefits if we provide the most satisfying products and quality service.
3. “One order” for interior and “one stop ” for exterior: “one stop ” means one SBU can provide all the service that customer need. “One order” means in order to complete one order there is a SBU to make an integration through the whole process.
4. People of Abraham are bold to innovate and caring you: we will build up sincere relationship with everyone coming to us and do our best to accomplish every thing in your work and life.
5. Your satisfaction is our working standard: with humility and faithfulness we manage to make a satisfying cooperation even though it means we should do some necessarily extra work .
6. Pull down the blocks between men by peace and love: we will continuously provide friendly measures and meet potential needs of customer. Only in this way, can we be ahead of our peers, forming our personalized service, enhancing the image of customer’s server, touching customers and having a good relationship with them.
7. Love is patient: People of Abraham Co. love families and neighbors. We believe that when you serve your customers with honest and love, you will get extra comforts and benefits. Giving customers the joy of satisfaction and faithfulness is priceless. Our love is never giving up. Holding Abraham’s hand, we are friends forever.


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